1st Show: Everlasting

1st Show: Everlasting

After a career in music spanning more than twenty years, singer-songwriter Gillian Moor is set to record her first ever full length album, Everchanging.

Moor was the producer of Songshine, a monthly open mic series which showcased hundreds of emerging musicians and poets, from 2004-9. She also worked for many years as an arts and entertainment journalist.

“I’m calling on all my friends, fans, fellow artists and supporters who have been there through the years to help me make this project a reality,” says Moor. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m really happy it’s finally happening.”

The album will be recorded at Future Crab Studios with producer a_phake (Ravi Maharaj). It will include Moor’s fan favourites, as well as new works, representing a definitive collection of her songs. Gillian’s music is rooted in calypso and explores genres including pop, blues punk and folk.

  • $100 – Get access to the show on February 10th

  • $200 – Get access to the show and a free copy of the album when it launches

  • $300 – Get access to the show, a copy of the album and access to the listening party for the album

Call 760-4655 to contribute and be part of this once in a lifetime project

You can also donate any amount via Paypal below

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