2nd Show: A Very Special Songshine

2nd Show: A Very Special Songshine

We present to you the second phase of our Crabstarter funding for the debut album from Gillian Moor called “Everchanging”. Our first phase, an intimate concert in Kaiso Blues, was a success with a decent turnout bringing us 20% towards our goal. For more detailed info regarding our goal and how far away we are click here: http://www.futurecrabstudios.com/crabstarterfinancials

To find out more about the Crabstarter program, click here: http://www.futurecrabstudios.com/crabstarter

For this second phase we bring back the very influential and much loved open mic series called Songshine. This one isn’t any Songshine however but rather A Very Special Songshine and proceeds from this event will go towards funding the album. Tickets are $60 for the show and $120 for the show and a pre-order of the album.

The mic will be open from 7-9pm so artistes feel free to come out and perform. If you’re performing however, you will still need a ticket as we’re trying to help Gillian reach her target goal as quickly as possible. But please come out and support Gillian as she has done so many times in the past through her Songshine series.

After 9pm, there will be some featured acts to wow you with some good vibes and energy. We were able to get a good list of performers willing to support Gillian and we’re very grateful for that.

So come out support Gillian on April 2nd. You can acquire tickets by calling the number on the flyer or by sending a message to this page Future Crab Studios Ltd. We’re not far from our target so let’s help Gillian achieve her goal and make her album a reality.

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