The Top Ten Non-Soca Songs in T+T 2017 (so far)

The Top Ten Non-Soca Songs in T+T 2017 (so far)


In T+T we live in Carnival country and as a result, 90% of the songs that get nationwide attention reside in the soca genre. This is exactly why a list of the top ten non soca songs needs to exist.

For many local music begins and ends with soca but that doesn’t mean that great songs do not exist in other genres. 2017 has been a great year thus far for non-soca songs and strangely enough, a few of these songs have gone on to be bonafide hits.

Now this list is our opinion eh so feel free to bun it down in the comments and make your own. Actually please do because at Future Crab Studios we always want to discover more local songs. So without further ado, here is the top ten list.


1) Nailah Blackman – Baila Mami

They say the voice is annoying but they’re wrong. They say the voice is annoying and they can’t stop dancing. They say the voice is annoying but she’s a bonafide star. Such a unique voice and it’s captivating the way she uses it. Don’t hate, you know you like it. This one is a classic and will be playing for years to come so get used to it lol.

2) Turner – She Bad

A unique husky voice on an infectious danceable riddim. The roadmarch of boatrides.

3) Enjoy Yourself – Pternsky

Pternsky has been killing it a while now but when you have one of the hardest styles on a hard riddim…. when you step toe to toe with the world boss and stand up… what more can be said?

4) No One – Kalpee

Over a million views and a distribution deal from Sony. It helps that the song is great as well featuring gorgeous vocals from Kalpee and an absolutely killer beat from producer Tano. People… time to stop sleeping.

5) Addicted – Marq Pierre feat Stadic

Marq Pierre might be addicted but we’re addicted to the melody. Stadic doesn’t seem to miss either.

6) Vacation – Jimmy October

Jimmy was always a singer but more rapper than singer. He takes a vacation from rap on this one and the results are thrilling.

7) Say Yeah – Preedy

Being on the same riddim as “Baila Mami” eh easy. Formerly known as the other song on the Parallel riddim it took some soaking in for people to realise that this style is a great one in its own right. If you agree say yeah.

8) Smallz – Nebula868 feat Yung Rudd

This song is just a ton of fun. Another one from the dynamic duo and Ruddz. Say wah

9) Amen – Showtek feat Freetown Collective

Time to free the town again. Positivity sitting on a world conquering beat

10) Don’t Stop Dancin’

You don’t hear many songs in the Pop/Electronic genre emerging from Trinidad. And one so polished and catchy as well. You can’t stop dancing if you never start. Go ahead, you know you want to.

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