How to sign up for the Young Kings Competition

How to sign up for the Young Kings Competition

This is the first edition of our “How to” series. This week we let you know how to sign up for the Young Kings Competition. Some of you may already have this knowledge and that’s great but a major problem in T+T is that local artiste-related information either isn’t available online or is very difficult to find. We definitely hope to change that and hopefully posts like these will make every question regarding the T+T music industry a google search away.

fireball young kings

What is the Young Kings competition? Young Kings is a Calypso/Soca competition hosted by the NACC during Carnival. The last competition as of this time of writing was won by Fireball in 2017 with a first place prize of $100,000TT. Other past winners include Denise Plummer, Machel Montano, Bunji, David Rudder, Benjai and many other recognizable names. The first ten placements receive monetary prizes and the rest receive a consolation prize.

So how do you sign up? Can you sign up online? Well to the latter, no. The Young Kings competition has two stages. It commences with a day long audition – the details are announced close to the date and it is at this audition you sign up. Where are these announcements made? Well, you’ll have to read the papers. No word on whether the info will be made available on social media. You can also call them. I was told that for Carnival 2K18 one should expect the first audition around December since the upcoming Carnival season is a short one. If I were you, I would be prepared to vibes them around November so.

After you audition, if you’re successful, you and nineteen others will be invited to the finals. At that point you will be kept in the loop as to what you will need to do.

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