The Unknown Road March Contenders

The Unknown Road March Contenders


The discussion for road march right now is three way. You might have heard that Soca Kingdom is total sh*t. It isn’t. Or Patrice getting fight down and should win. The song is great but she eh getting fight down. And of course the Iwer fan boys euphoric now that Iwer has a serious contender. He does, I’ll put some respek on his name. But with all due respect, I’m going to say to all of you that you all damn disrespectful. They have plenty other strong road march contenders in the mix that not getting no shine. Either their names not big enough or their reputation got sullied but it still criminal that their songs getting ignored. These are what I call the Unknown Road March Contenders. Get familiar.


Shurwayne Winchester – Celebrate Life

Doh feel I bias eh. I am def not a big Shurwayne Winchester fan. But this soca is a stupendous smash and it’s stupid that is only has like 5K-6K views. If you doh like this your ears buss. This reminds me of his underrated hit Truck Driver in 2016. Doh hate. Embrace. Time for the mafia to pat down and low the good music.

Ricardo Drue – Intensity

This one saying things. I not saying it better than the big three but it should be in the discussion. Doh count the short man out.

Ultimate Rejects – Inside the Festival

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this when it dropped. It fell in the “ok” column for me. But like impatience in a reveler waiting for a costume on Carnival weekend, it grew and grew until I had to put it on my road march shortlist. And this remix with All Stars Brass is nuts. I know UR was vex and (strangely) confused that they didn’t get a set ah gigs this year – no one told them Carnival has a reset button? But fellas, keep doing what you all doing, never change. There is a price to pay for constant innovation. Just ask Kerwin.

Sekon Sta & Preedy – City of Angels

This one harder to understand. We have two members of the “I got next” soca brat pack club. These guys have the respect. The song ill. It have vibes along with soaring vocals from Preedy Pree. It reminds me of “My Land” from Kes and Nadia, another big and underrated one. Maybe it will grow with the people. But why it eh getting more play?

Lil Natty & Thunda feat Machel Montano – Top Striker Remix

The original song bad eh. These yute men from Grenada have ting. But is like when Google bought YouTube, Machel just refine it lil bit and mainstream it enough to give it more of a chance. I expect it to grow since boy involved but doh sleep. It will not win road march eh. But put it down on the board.

Destra – Gimme

Now my Destra bias strong eh. But wais dah one? This soca baaaaaad. Real vibes!!! This couplet alone – “Give it to meh, Just put it on mih waistline/ I wah you give meh, yuh zipper on mih backside“. Dannnnnn. Doh fight down the QoB just because she foot still in cast. This is guaranteed sweet wine on the road.

I hope you liked my list. If not, put some suggestions. Serious ting. I always looking to discover ting. And if you really like, like the page nah. We are a studio of artistes who look out for the artistes. Big man ting.

I out.


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