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Crabstarter is a pioneering Kickstarter-type program we offer to artistes that have attained a significant level of respect and reverence musically, whether at the grass root level or mainstream, but do not have the finances to create an album or EP project.

We partner with these artistes to create a concert event with the goal of raising enough funds for a music project, and like Kickstarter we reward fans with the opportunity to access exclusive perks based on their level of contribution.

For e.g. $100TT may give you access to the show while $300TT will get you a pre-ordered copy of the album plus access to an exclusive album listening session, limited edition swag etc. And fans will have the satisfaction of knowing that their contributions are facilitating more music from their favourite artiste..

Check out our full list of Crabstarter events below:



OVERALL TARGET: $33,600TT Amount Remaining: $24,800TT ​ 1st Phase: Everchanging Show Amount Made: $6800TT ​ 2nd Phase: A Very Special...