New Official Video “Come Ova” released

New Official Video “Come Ova” released

We’ve been working with Pro Trini in (slight) top secret on a scintillating dance track titled “Come Ova”, destined to fill the floor of any club and keep the ladies waistlines in motion. Come Ova is a departure from the hard, purely lyrical style that this hip hop group is known for and a delve into a smooth, melodic sound with a lot of Afro and dancehall influence. The hook of Come Ova, sung by Trapstar of Future Crab Studios, floats on top of the riddim creating an instant dance classic for the after Carnival.

This track was cooked up during a three hour session in the ‘Crab’. Da Face brought the beat and instantly it didn’t sound like anything Pro Trini had done before. Hours later, the writing was done and it was up to a_phake to engineer the track to perfection. And after two months of tweaking, Come Ova was ready to go.

Come Ova was produced by OGE beats in conjunction with our very own a_phake of Future Crab Studios. The track was also recorded, mixed and mastered by a_phake at Future Crab Studios. The video was shot and edited by keWanke Concepts and Kit Joseph of Future Crab Studios at Tzar night club. Much thanks to the manager for allowing us liberal use and being very patient while we got all the shots we needed.Some of the clothes in the video was contributed by The Hideout Clothing store. Come Ova itself was written and performed by the members of Pro Trini.

You can also listen to this track on Apple Music Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon etc.

We’re excited to announce today that the official video is now released so do yourself a favour and take it in. And leave us your feedback too. If you like it, by all means please share it and let the music spread.

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