The Hottest 2018 Soca (so far)

The Hottest 2018 Soca (so far)


Carnival isn’t here but it’s close. Like a mas band around the corner you can here the faint base and murmur of the crowd with a still earthquake shake of the pavement. Music has been coming out fast and furious right now and with the ‘warmer’ tunes out of the way, men starting to get serious. Of course, it is still very early… Machel hasn’t dropped anything yet. But either way, without anymore preamble and delay, I present to you the hottest 2018 soca so far. BOOOOOM


Olatunji x System 32 – BODYLINE

It early and with most of these things people don’t like to agree with me eh but watch meh…this is the BADDEST soca right now. If we talking hottest 2018 soca, this is it. Not only it vibesy, it innovative too. Full marks to Ola for the vocal performance, he owns this song like he owned “Ola” in 2015. Me eh know if this one will be as big but for now this is my pick. Who eh like it… have yourself a Merry Christmas.

Voice x Marge Blackman – FULL OF VIBE

Till mango season start back, you eh getting nuttin sweeter. The Blackman family has officially risen.

Orlando Octave – CHURCH GYAL

Back with another hot button topic is the girls dem darling Mr Octave. The funny thing, girls like this song more than anybody which is surprising to me to say the least. The vocals sweet and the lyrics potent. What more you want?

Kes, Patrice Roberts, Shal Marshall, Problem Child – 2AM RIDDIM


A few riddims have dropped but this looks like the first one to do damage.

Dev – JAM

The beat does 90% of the heavy lifting but give Dev credit for accentuating and letting it breathe. The empty space is just as effective as the vocals. Been doing some asking around and it seems that the streets have certified this one. Expect to hear this baseline through a cloud of powder and a sea ah paint come Jouvert time.

Hypasounds – DIP

Mih boy DJ Wanke let me know the girls in the dance feeling this one. Another cropover tune that should make a spin come 2018.


Marzville – GIVE IT TO YA

This has been out a while but like most small island tunes, it should make a good run in Carnival still. I fr thought Burning Flames came back on the scene with this one.

So those were the hottest 2018 soca so far. It’s still very early so I expect the big guns to drops some scorchers this month. By January so I’ll start tracking the road march contenders. But lemme hear your thoughts in the comments. I know I’m probably missing a few.

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