Sound Of The Crab – Our Recent Releases

Sound Of The Crab – Our Recent Releases


Hi there, welcome to Sound of the Crab.

Here we highlight releases we’ve worked on. Future Crab has dipped it’s gundy in a number of releases recently. Some have been the full works including recording, full production and video. Others have been just a drum recording. Big or small, we would like take a moment and place a spotlight on all that we’ve worked on. Every piece of music we help bring in to this world make us proud and as the year is coming to an end, we wish to continue living out our motto: CREATE NEW SOUND

So from small contributions to big we’re listing them. Here goes…




For this one, live drums was recorded by us. Glad to see the song doing well. Big up the Central Records team!

This one was also live drums. I have high hopes for this one. Well written tune.


Mungal Patasar recorded the sitar by us. Also some of the video was recorded in our studio. If you’ve ever been to our studio you’ll recognize the latter part especially. This song is already a smash.


We did production, mixing and mastering on this one. Crazy is immortal, the greatest.

We did full production, mixing, mastering and we shot the visuals. Noche Blanca is saying plenty when it comes to parang. This one should do well.

Again we did the full works on this one including visuals. We also did another video displaying Foster’s story. He’s had an interesting journey thus far. I hope this song does well.

This song right here is like one of our personal releases. Daniel Hamilton, a new artiste, is my bro so he’s strongly affiliated with the Crab. Both of us wrote the song together and Ravi aka a_phake did the music. Ravi also did the production and Kit and Scott of Sekretiv. shot the visuals for the promo video. The song is doing ok so far so we’re seeing how far we can go.

And that was Sound of the Crab. A few things should be dropping within the month.

If you’re an artiste make sure to check out our studio offerings – our motto is CREATE NEW SOUND and we always try to push the boundaries of music even within this local industry.

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