New Tool For T+T Musicians: YouTube For Artists

New Tool For T+T Musicians: YouTube For Artists

YouTube For Artists

I just warning you all eh. This post is going to be short. But very very sweet so doh study it. As an artiste as well as the CEO of Future Crab Studios I’m always on the lookout for new tools and techniques for artistes. This week I came across a very useful tool called “Youtube for Artists“.

What is YouTube for Artists? From my early investigation, it’s a portal that provides music-related resources and info for artistes relevant to YouTube. On the menu there is a “resources” tab that contains information on music-related actions and activities on YouTube . To the far right is a blog discussing various topics. There are an array of music charts for YouTube tracking the top songs by views. These are proper music charts eh, cat videos and other memes aren’t included making it useful and very cool.

All those things are great but I still haven’t mentioned the coolest feature. There is a tab called music insights which allows you to track the most viewed music videos and artistes on YouTube in ANY region. Yes you read correctly. Yes I checked Trinidad (see below).

The results are quite interesting but hardly surprising. In the last month, Alkaline has been the most popular artiste followed by Vybz Kartel. Machel is also in the top 5. If you go further down the list (which you can’t see from the image) you’ll see Nailah at around number 7 or 8 which is impressive. And her song “Badishh” which has been running every dance since it dropped is number 4 in terms of music tracks.

All in all, this tool provides a useful hub for artistes on YouTube operating in any region. I hope T+T artistes take advantage. Let me know what you think about this tool.

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